Theses List
No. Theses Titles Level Student Name Present Date
1    A survey of ADHD children\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'s emotional intelhg            0000-00-00
2    The efficacy of \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Attention Control Program\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" on reducing food attentional bias among obese and overweight dieters.    M.Sc.    moghaddaszadeh bazzaz, masoud    2009-07-11
3    The functional emotional development of children with ADHD symptoms and normal children    M.Sc.    karimian, javad    2011-06-01
4    Comparison of test anxiety, social anxiety and irrational thinking in the early and late adolescence    M.Sc.    bahrami, marziye    2011-06-08
5    Assessing Executive Functioning, Metacognitive Awareness, and Creativity in Advanced EFL Learners and Beginners    M.Sc.    Showqi, Sara    2011-07-04
6    The relationship between learning styles, academic engagement and academic performance students Ferdowsi University of Mashhad    M.Sc.    zerank, ramezan ali    2011-07-05
7    Investigation the effect of Mother-Child Relationship on Functional Emotional Development and Language Pragmatic Development.    M.Sc.    mofrad, fariba    2011-10-18
8    Effects of Cognitive Bias Modification-Interpretation Program on Reduction of Negative Interpretation Bias and Social Anxiety Symptoms in Socially Anxious Individuals    M.Sc.    khalili, saemeh    2011-10-18
9    Effectiveness of Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy (IPT-AG) in Reduction of Depressive Symptoms and Increasing Quality of Life and Social Skills of Adolescents    M.Sc.    sayyedalhosainy, zainab    2011-11-08
10    Evaluation of relation between theory of mind(TOM) and functional emotional development with aggressive behavior of preschool children    M.Sc.    jansar, maryam    2011-11-18
11    A survey of prevalence of symptoms Attention Deficit –Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) among the first grade students of NeirizCity and comparingSensory Processing Abilities& Motor Skills ofADHD and Normal students    M.Sc.    samsami, sedighe    2011-11-24
12    The Comparative of Executive Function and Calculation Mistakes in Children with Developmental Dyscalculia and Normal Children    M.Sc.    bafandeh, hossein    2011-12-20
13    Study of Theory of Mind & Functional Emotional Development in blind elementary students at Mashhad and compare it with sighted counterparts based on DIR approach    M.Sc.    hashem zadeh, zeinab    2011-12-20
14    Designed to family centered assess and therapy based on integrated developmen of human model and its effectiveness in neuro psychological profile in children with autism spectrum disorders    Ph.D    aali, shahrbanoo    2012-01-21
15    ‏Examine the culture of teaching and creative teaching obligations identified    Ph.D    mohebi amin, sakeneh    2012-03-12
16    The effectiveness of Group counseling based on Solution- Focused Therapy on Academic motivation and Goal orientation among high school student with underachievement    M.Sc.    golmohamadi, meysam    2012-05-08
17    The role of Perfectionism and Meta-cognition on Burnout in Shirvanian guidance school teachers    M.Sc.    sabzpary, hossein    2012-05-13
18    designe of DIR-based curriculum model for hearing impaired students in the first grade    Ph.D    shalian, rahim    2012-06-18
19    The relationship between parenting styles with thinking styles and coping strategies    M.Sc.    jalayr, naimeh    2012-07-01
20    Study of Inhibition in Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Development of Supraliminal and Subliminal Inhibition Retraining Program and its effect on Inhibition Deficit and Obsessive Compulsive Symptoms    Ph.D    shahamat, fateme    2012-07-01
21    Study of the Effectiveness of play base intraction training for caregivers with cprt metod on caregiver- child relationship quality children attachment insecurity orphans and vulnerable children boys in residential homes care    M.Sc.    madani, seddigheh    2012-07-10
22    The effect of rational-emotive thinking on elementary student's mental health    M.Sc.    Razavi, Zahra    2012-09-02
23    The effectiveness and comparison between interventions of Floortime and theory of mind training on the quality of mother- child interaction and theory of mind preschool children’s and aggression    M.Sc.    kiafar, maryam sadat    2012-12-20
24    the role of social envirment self determination on the goal oriention of student    M.Sc.    sanavi, fatemeh    2013-01-20
25    The mediating role of Emotional self-regulation in the relationship between Family emotional climate and Social skills among Adolescents: Testing a causal developmental model    M.Sc.    movahhedi rad, hanieh    2013-02-03
26    Investigate the relationship between identity and attitude Vandalism of the youth to the green area in the Mellat Park in Mashhad    M.Sc.    tavakoli, maryam    2013-04-25
27    examine functional emotional developmental stages, and sensory processing disorder in children with autism disorder    M.Sc.    alizadeh, hoda    2013-05-05
28    The effect of cognitive behavior therapy on adolescents with Obsessive and anxiety Behavior    M.Sc.    mahjoub, marjan    2013-05-05
30    The Effectiveness of Child-Parent Relationship Therapy (CPRT) on Decreasing Behavior Problem of Young Children With Difficult Temperament and Increasing Their Mothers’ Parental Self-Efficacy    M.Sc.    nazemi torghabehi, rafieh    2013-05-07
31    Play therapy floor time (based on the family ) to increase social skills in children    M.Sc.    ashrafi, ayda    2013-05-26
32    The relationship between resiliency To relative attachment styles and problem solving    M.Sc.    loveimie, sharifeh    2013-05-29
33    The role of theory of mind and empathy in predicting behavioral-emotional problems in students from typical and single parent (The case of divorce) families    M.Sc.    hashemi, farah    2013-06-12
34    comparative investigation the effect of therapeutic investigation sensory motor integration and neurofeedback on increasing of attention level in students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder    M.Sc.    rouhbakhsh illi moghadam, mohammad reza    2013-07-07
35    Theevaluation of sensory processing abilities and visual_auditory skills students with reading disorder and comparison with normal counterpats in terms of DIR model    M.Sc.    khaleghi khabbazan, fahime    2014-01-30
36    The relationship between Traffic risk perception in preschool children and their Visual perception and Visual information processing speed and sensation seeking and Supervision attributes in parents    M.Sc.    taheri, najme    2014-03-11
37    Studying the effect of tDCS in VMPFC on reaction time of theory of mind and ability emotional intelligence tests performance in healthy adults    M.Sc.    Tavassoli Kafrani, Sajjad    2014-05-21
38    Compare the efficacy of interpersonal therapy and cognitive behavioral group therapy in reducing depression and improving quality of life Tz    M.Sc.    kharazmi khorasani, zinat    2014-05-26
39    the relationship between theory of mind abilities and control inhibition with moral development in primary students in city of sabzevar    M.Sc.    azadvari, ali mohamad    2014-05-28
40    نقش میانجی گرانه و مستقیم دورنمای آینده در رابطه بین نشانگرهای شخصیتی و معنای زندگی با انگیزش تحصیلی دانشجویان دانشگاه فردوسی و علوم پزشکی مشهد    M.Sc.    hashemi, seyedeh zahra    2014-06-09
41    Designing a test to evaluate pragmatic skills using Developmental Individual Differences and Relations    M.Sc.    Saadatpour, Fatemeh    2014-06-10
42    Effectiveness of group dialectical behavior therapy on maladaptive schema of substance abusers antisocial personality.    M.Sc.    tavakoli, hamed    2014-06-17
43    validation cognitive neroscience knowledge scale for teachers and its relations with teaching effectiveness    M.Sc.    salmaniha, tahereh    2014-07-07
44    Effectiveness of treatment based on the quality of life of mental health quality of life and improve social skills of children with thalassemia 7-12 year    M.Sc.    alemzadeh, maliheh    2014-09-23
45    Analysis of Pragmatic Skills and Theory of Mind in Patients with Traumatic Brain Injury and Healthy Counterparts    Ph.D    Fazaeli, Seyyedeh Maryam    2014-09-27
46    Effectiveness of Brief Group Interpersonal Psychotherapy in emotional expressiveness, social skills, and quality of life on University Students’ Depressive Symptoms    M.Sc.    nezafat, javad    2014-09-30
47    Comparison of sensory processing abilities of the blind and deaf boys in Mashhad and its relationship with academic self-efficacy and academic performance    M.Sc.    moslehi, saeed    2014-11-15
48    Comparison of Quality of Parents Relationship, Organization and Family Function in Adaptive and Maladaptive Children    M.Sc.    Ganjali, Razieh    2014-12-17
49    Effects of gender and social class in level of risk taking and perception of risk in school-age children    M.Sc.    anbiaie, nasrin    2015-01-13
50    The study of effectiveness play basded linguistic intervention and fernald multi-sensory intervention to improve reading skill of dyslexia students    M.Sc.    bargian, narges    2015-01-31
51    The transition function of family and nature in depression of Children    M.Sc.    rahimi borji, motahareh    2015-02-25
52    A Study of Effectiveness of Rational, Emotive, Behavior Therapy (REBT) with Group Method on Decrease Depression, Stress and Increase Parental self-efficacy of Mothers of blind children    M.Sc.    ranjbar, Rfe    2015-02-25
53    The effectiveness of sensory integration therapy to reduce symptoms of autism spectrum disorder    M.Sc.    pirasteh jo, aelahe    2015-03-03
54    The comparision of cognitive and emotional theory of mind in girls & boys with symptoms of attention deficit / hyperactivity (ADHD) with normal children    M.Sc.    hanifi yazdi, naeimeh sadat    2015-03-03
55    Investigate the functional role of maternal attachment and emotional development of the child with the mother's parenting style mediate in children under 3 years    M.Sc.    janfadah dorbadam, maryam    2015-03-03
56    The comparison of DIR approach affectiveness with three styles of floortime, parenting skills and combined, on increase of social acceptance, improvement of behavioral inhibition and healing in children with conduct symptom.    M.Sc.    abbasi, talayeh    2015-05-26
57    Efficacy Floortime Brartqay based on the nature of the functional and emotional development of children and reducing symptoms of autism spectrum    M.Sc.    zarrabimoghadam, zeynab    2015-06-09
58    Designing and assessing the effectiveness of "Mediation based on Human integrated development approach (DIR-MISC)" parenting program on quality of mother-child interactions, mother’s parental self-efficacy and cognitive problem solving ability of children    M.Sc.    vahidi, elahe    2015-06-13
59    Emotional experiences in Elementary schools: A Qualitiative study    M.Sc.    KAZEMI, BIBI KHATEREH    2015-06-27
60    Comorbidity of Generalized Anxiety Disorder with Depression: Drawing a Psychological Profile and investigation of the Efficasy of Emotion Regulation Therapy    Ph.D    shahabi, mehrnesa    2015-10-10
61    The Effectiveness of Mindfulness based Cognitive Therapy in Improvement Cognitive emotion regulation and Sexual satisfaction in between Diabetic women type 2    M.Sc.    tavakoli pol aram, maryam    2016-03-08
62    The effectiveness of DIR (floortime), on improving the speech and language skills and increasing social interactions in children with autism spectrum.    M.Sc.    ghasemi, saied    2016-03-08
63    The Determination of How to Apply Existential Psychology For Drawing and Analyzing the Structure of Existence and Applying it in Six Young Adult Iranian Novels    Ph.D    yadolahi shahrah, roya    2016-03-09
64    Assessing the Effect of Emotioncy-oriented Teaching Model on Non-Persian Female Students’ Level of Learning Cultural Issues, Emotioncy, Emotions, Flow, Cultural Intelligence, Learning Styles, and Attitude in Iran    Ph.D    Ebrahimi, Shima    2016-03-14
65    بررسی نقش میانجیگرانه خودتنظیمی هیجانی و مهارت های حل مساله اجتماعی در تبیین رابطه بین سبک های فرزندپروری ادراک شده و اضطراب امتحان دانشجویان دانشگاه فردوسی مشهد    M.Sc.    jalili, fatemeh    2016-04-30
66    emotion, temperament,social-cognitive traits and prosocial behaviour in abused children: evaluating a causal model    Ph.D    Attari, Azadeh    2016-05-21
67    Identify early maladaptive schemas In bullying and victims students at school    M.Sc.    shayesteh, ameneh    2016-06-11
68    content analysis of Adolescences fiction books in terms of identification, based on Erikson psychological theory, Marcia pattern and Berzonscky style    Ph.D    hoseini, vajihe    2016-07-13
69    Infants screening at risk of autism,regarding to visual processing abilities.    Ph.D    Hadadi, Parvaneh    2016-10-19
70    The Effectiveness of Group Education of Self-compassion in Decreasing Parenting stress, Increasing Parental Self-efficacy and Resiliency in Mothers of Children with ASD    M.Sc.    mousazadeh, soroor    2016-11-01
71    Fantasy Orientation & Goal Commitment in Preschool Children    M.Sc.    montakhab khorasany, fateme    2016-11-01
72    Intermediary roll of Cognitive Emotion Self- Regulation and Behavioral approach/inhibition system in explaining the relating Highly Sensory processing sensitivity and Impulsivity to class controlling    M.Sc.    zabihi, masoomeh    2016-11-14
73    Examining the effect of group training based on rational-emotive-behavioral therapy (REBT) on reducing the level of worry, intolerance of uncertainty and negative problem orientation: A case of Ferdowsi University students    M.Sc.    ghobadi, armaghan    2016-11-15
74    The effectiveness of Integrative systematic couple therapy on improving marital intimacy and coping styles distress couples of Mashhad city    M.Sc.    bagherifar, fatemeh    2017-04-26
75    Comparison of educational tasks based on exploratory learning in the framework of the cognitive education model with the traditional method in teaching sewing design    M.Sc.    noghabi, raha    2017-05-16
76    Investigating the role of neuroticism, emotional regulation, behavioral inhibition system and sensory processing sensitivity in functional dyspepsia and comparing the effectiveness of Mindfulness-based cognitive therapy and cogntive-behavioral therapy on reducing the symptoms of functional dyspepsi    Ph.D    firoozehmoghaddam, sara    2017-06-14
77    Evaluating the psychological profile of suicide attempt survivors and comparing the effectiveness of the self- compassion therapy, functional analytical therapy and their integration on reducion of the further suicide attempt risk    Ph.D    Ghassem Boroujerdi, Fatemeh    2017-07-02
78    Role of Visual-spatial cognitive function in developmental-interactional profile of preschool children: Design of Visual-spatial cognitive Assessment and early Intervention based on DIR/Floor time therapy on comparing of its effectiveness with computerized programs    Ph.D    Zare zadeh kheibari, Shiva    2017-07-03
79    The Effectiveness of Group Training of REE(Rational Emotive Education) on Anxiety and Self-Efficacy among youth with Type 1 Diabetes in Mashad city    M.Sc.    amiriyan, mahbobe sadat    2017-07-04
80    The role of moderating defense mechanisms in the relationship between attachment styles and the fear of intimacy of female students    M.Sc.    sakkaki, fatemeh    2017-07-04
81    The Study of Autobiographical memory Difficulties in Children with Autistic spectrum Disorder    M.Sc.    Jafarizaveh, Sepideh    2018-03-13
82    Effectiveness of Primary Environmental Enrichment on Fear Conditioning Memory and Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor Expression in limbic System in the Valproic Acid Model of Autism Spectrum Disorde    Ph.D    Rahimian, Shohreh    2018-03-13
83    the effectiveness of mindful parenting training on improvement parent-child interactions, parenting stress, mother's cognitive emotion regulation and child's executive function in preschoolers    M.Sc.    bondar kakhki, zahra    2018-05-08
84    A mediating role of self-regulation in the relationship between mindfulness and optimism among blind adults    M.Sc.    Heidarian Shahri, Fatemeh    2018-05-16
85    The role of family development function in the research spirit of students    M.Sc.    Hosseinzadeh Bahreini, Fatemeh    2018-05-26